Sunchild, a Marseille story

Emmanuelle and Claire are proud to say that they were raised in ‘rolls of fabric’.

It is today with their own signature line that the two sisters from Marseille  continue the passion of textiles.

Their heritage is a tailor grand-father and family adventure called, “Sugar”, a success story in the 80’s with the brand’s famous tank top.

Proud of their heritage, they have created their own story inspired by the childish spirit of their little followers and by the wisdom and the savior faire of their elders.

In 2010, SUNCHILD was created by Emmanuelle and Claire’s rich history and their mutual passion beneath the sunny sky’s of Marseille.

Emmanuelle is definitely a fashion child. “Since a little girl, I recall devouring magazines and later pacing the trendy stores of Paris, Florence and New York City, always in search of that rare item, then decoding the trends of the times with my mother in the evenings”  She transpires creativity, the sense of observation, precision and intuition.

After graduating from college with degrees in Art History and Advertising, it was finally sewing that imposed itself, an inspiring return to her youth and source of inspiration.

After learning and working for fifteen years in the family business, Emmanuelle felt it was the right time to spread her wings and fly on her own.  A childhood dream that is now called SUNCHILD.

Claire, on the other side, feeds herself daily with her insatiable cultural curiosity, her passion for music, for surfing and for “style”. With a licence in accounting, she also uses her managerial skills to build SUNCHILD at the right pace.

One hundred models per collection props up the SUNCHILD spirit, with dresses only designed for the summertime season giving the feeling of vacation and freedom.  The two sisters carefully follow their production in the ateliers of Tunisia, India and Portugal.

During the year they find inspiration in their travels, always looking for a new discovery on the horizon.

“Playing with the most beautiful colors and prints, polishing functional and the right cuts for the little ones, juggling with noble and simple textiles.. That is our playground.”